Wooden Rainbow Stack

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This item is pre order for mid August 

Our mini rainbow stacker is just too adorable! It’s quirky odd shape makes this rainbow both fun & unique! 

This rainbow will slot right into any kids interior! On a shelf, picture ledge, top of a table, windowsill - anywhere! 


Why is this Rainbow Stack a must have for your toddler/child?

Stacking objects are great for children's creative learning and problem-solving. Through stacking and building games, children learn how to balance things to keep objects upright. These games are great to help improve children practise hand-eye coordination.

So not only does it look fabulous in the nursery, the stacker also is great for learning. 

Additional Info:

- Standing at 9.5cm tall and 13.5cm wide

- Rainbow is 18mm thick 

- Made from 100% pinewood


Please note this item can take 2-4 weeks to arrive.