Easter Bunny Tracks

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Create some special excitement on Easter morning with our Easter Tracks! 
Leave Bunny's footprints by the front door and watch the excitement from your little babes.  

Simply lay our Tracks on the floor and sprinkle your choice of powder on top. 
we recommended baby powder or flour. 

You will receive 1x left foot and 1x right foot. 

Please note:

  • Material: Plywood
  • Size: 12x11cm
  • Items are not toys, please do not leave with children
  • Each item is hand cut therefore the wood grain and colour may vary from pictures shown. 
  • Variations may include light or dark coloured areas, knots and other inconsistencies that are present in all natural wood. 
  • By proceeding with your order, you acknowledge that these handmade plaques may contain imperfections in the wood due to the natural nature of the product. This is not considered a fault, but a reflection of the natural beauty of the raw materials.